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Dr Tremaine du Preez 
Decision Scientist, Founder of DECIDE

“Bookish and quirky with a knack for listening, I have this grand idea that my job is to change the world one thought at a time. Imagine if everyone knew how to think about their thinking and so make better decisions? Better decisions about their health, relationships, career or how to lead themselves and others? To make better systemic decisions for a community, company or country?”

Helping people change ingrained thinking patterns is not that easy so Tremaine employs multiple modalities such as consulting keynote speaking, facilitating, lecturing and coaching.


With an  PhD in Decision Science* (UK, 2020), an MSc in Financial Economics (UK) and first degree in Information systems (South Africa), she has worked to untangle decision challenges for governments, large organisations and individual decision makers for over a decade. A global faculty member of Duke Corporate Education (a carve-out from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business) and PCA Law and represented by Maria Franzoni Speaker Bureau (part of the London Speaker Bureau), Tremaine currently travels from London. 

*Tremaine's doctorate explored ethical decision making in the biopharma sector and she has a particular passion for updating outdated ethics paradigms and bringig practical tools to move decion makers from a shareholder value creation frame to one of creating value across a wider group of stakeholders.

Dr Tremaine du Preez | The Practice of Ethical Decision MakingAdam Pacifico
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Dr Tremaine Du Preez is a decision scientist, consultant and global educator. In episode 44 of The Leadership Enigma Podcast, Tremaine explains her passion for bringing the largely separate themes of decision making and ethics together so that she can help leaders and their organisations understand what an ethical decision is. She tells me how relying on an organisations North Star and values will not be enough to navigate ethical dilemmas alone and what mistakes, best practice and trends she has spotted during her extensive Phd research and consultancy work.

Dr Tremaine du Preez | Challenge the status quo by humanising decision making.Adam Pacific
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Marianna Pascal, CSP
Facilitator and Consultant

Marianna is a global communication specialist who supports professionals and global teams in collaborating and exchanging ideas effectively. Marianna can work with organisations to explore the language and culture barriers that often prevent optimal communication between stakeholders. She helps prepare their high potentials to connect and communicate ideas, and impact and gain support from others by reflecting the values of the organisation and the context of their relationships.

Since 2016 she has explored her fascination with, not only how we speak, but how we make decisions and the thinking that goes into our choices. Working alongside London based Decision-Making specialist, Tremaine du Preez, she delivers humorous, insightful keynotes, immersive training programmes and facilitates insightful discussions that get participants thinking about their thinking.


Marianna has spent 25 years in Asia training executives and their teams to collaborate, communicate effectively and improve decision making outcomes in increasingly diverse and digital work environments.


Her TedX Talk on is one of the most viewed worldwide in 2019.

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