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The Art and Science of Choosing Wisely

"Part science and part practice, DECIDE follows Tremaine’s decade long quest to answer the question: what is a good decision and how do I make one?


The answer is illustrated with examples from her pioneering work in building decision-making systems for teams up to large multinational organisations."

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A practical guide to solving problems faster, making better decisions, and improving your effectiveness through thinking smarter

"Throughout our lives, we are taught what to think not how to think. Information overload, fear of failure, shorter timeframes and past failures can make even simple decisions and problems daunting.


Think smart, Work Smarter provides practical tools and effective techniques for you to upgrade your approach to decision-making, avoid costly mistakes and build a sound decision making process. Allowing you to tackle hard decisions and tough problems with confidence."

*Also available in Korean

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Preparing Your Child for the Journey of Life

"Raising Thinkers takes readers on a journey through cognitive functioning at every stage of a child’s development from the infant to teenage years. Each stage introduces tools and techniques to enhance critical and creative thinking, decision making and emotional, social and fluid intelligence in a growing thinker.


Add to this the latest research in neuroscience and psychology along with the effects of the environment and hormones and we have a guide for raising thinkers into 2030 and beyond."

*Also available in Korean


Decision Making cards

Today, more often than not, decisions are made in teams. A great way to encourage structure in team decision making is to use DECIDE™ Decision Making cards.

Decision Making Cards
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1. Introduction to Decision Agility with Dr Tremaine du Preez
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2. Decision agility tools: Are solving the right problem or a symptom of something larger?
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How To Make Better Decisons: 1.Intro
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How To Make Better Decisions: 2. What Makes A Good Decision?
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