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Tremaine du Preez

"Tremaine is one of today’s most innovative

thought leaders."

"Tremaine ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered."

Keynotes &



Tremaine gets you thinking about your thinking - turning science and research into tools and insights that you can use right away.


She keynotes on Making Great Decisions with Decision Systems, Ethical decision making, Your Brain on Behavioural Economics, The Impact of Emotions on Decision Making and Decision Making for Leaders Who Think.


Yea, they sound like serious topics but luckily she's not serious at all! She currently travels from London. 

Immersive Facilitation



Decision making is highly personal and creating lasting improvement requires more than a theoretical talk or training - it requires an experience.


Along with partners who are leaders in the field of executive education, DECIDE develops immersive facilitation scenarios and games to explore current decision-making challenges, potential for change and inherent ability whilst allowing participants to learn new skills that improve decision-making quality, speed and clarity.

Immersive learning experiences that allow participants to explore their own decision making processes, how effective these are and how they can improve upon them are developed with Duke Corporate Education  and PCA Law.

Games & Experiences

Games &


Games and learning experiences that challenge participants’ ability to make choices under pressure, decide as a team, understand objectives and rapidly assimilate information in the classroom, the city centre, the office, on safari or anywhere are developed with RED Leadership

Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 13.58.01.png

Wow, that felt just like our decision making at work!

- Participant from Coca Cola European Partners

Tremaine Is An Electrifying Public Speaker And Her Passion For The Subject Matter Is Infectious.


- Umesh Ursekar, President At PMI Singapore Chapter, 2014

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